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Sam’s Club credit card holders can win big rewards on gas this month

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If you’re a Sam’s Club member and have a Sam’s Club credit card, you can earn 10% off rewards on Saturdays in June.

the main points

  • Sam’s Club members who use a wholesale club credit card can earn additional rewards while purchasing gas.
  • On Saturdays in June, cardholders can earn 10% of Sam’s Cash.

If you’re a Sam’s Club member and have a Sam’s Club Mastercard in your wallet, you can earn rewards when you buy gas on select days in June. The warehouse brand offers additional rewards to cardholders who refuel at Sam’s Club on Saturdays this month. Find out what you need to know about this unique offer.

Gas prices continue to rise

It’s no secret that gas prices are at all-time highs across the country. At the time of writing, AAA listed the national average price for regular gasoline at $4,865 a gallon.

As prices continue to rise, you may be looking for a way to save money or earn rewards when you fill up your tank. High gas prices can greatly affect your personal finances. Most Americans need regular gas-fills to get to and from work and run errands.

Warehouse club brands sell gasoline to their members at a discount. Costco and Sam’s Club are two brands that offer cheaper gas prices. Members can keep more money in their bank accounts by filling up their local warehouse store.

In addition to discount gas, some Sam’s Club members can earn up to 10% off rewards when purchasing gas on select dates in June. But you will need to pay with a Sam’s Club credit card.

How to earn 10% in Sam’s Cash

Sam’s Club members who use a Sam’s Club Mastercard can earn 10% in Sam’s Cash when they purchase gas at Sam’s Club locations every Saturday in June. Valid dates include:

  1. June 4
  2. June 11
  3. June 18
  4. June 25

How do you take advantage of this offer? Visit the Sam’s Club location on one of the dates listed above and fill up your tank. You must use a Sam’s Club Mastercard to pay for the gas to take advantage of the promotion.

You may be wondering what you can do with Sam’s Cash. You can use it to make purchases in person or online at Sam’s Club or, if you prefer, you can redeem your rewards for cash. The rewards you earn can make future shopping trips more affordable.

Is there a spending cap?

There is a maximum spend on the highest reward rate for this credit card. In June, you can earn 10% of Sam’s Cash when you purchase gas on select dates. However, the bonus rate of 10% is capped at a maximum of $6,000 in spending annually. After reaching the spending cap, you will earn 1% in Sam’s Cash.

Is this a good offer?

Typically, the Sam’s Club Mastercard earns 5% at Sam’s Club on gas purchases made at Sam’s Club (with a maximum spend of $6000 annually).

Since the June promotion offers card members the chance to win an extra 5% in rewards, it’s a great way to double up on rewards.

Be strategic when filling the pump

If you’re feeling financially stressed due to the rising cost of gas, you’re not alone. Being strategic can help you get a discount and earn rewards.

If you are already a Sam’s Club member and have a Sam’s Club Mastercard, this could be an excellent opportunity to earn extra Sam’s money. Plan to fill up on Saturdays during June to maximize the rewards you can earn.

If you do not have a Sam’s Club Mastercard, you may want to consider applying for the card if you are a member and regularly get gasoline at Sam’s Club.

Do you want to earn rewards on your gas purchases? Using rewards credit cards when buying gas can be a smart financial move. If you’re not a Sam’s Club member, see our list of Best Gas Credit Cards for other card options.

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