Rachel Carlson's union valuation reaches $4.4 billion following their tumultuous executive departure

Rachel Carlson’s union valuation reaches $4.4 billion following their tumultuous executive departure

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TThese have been better times for outstanding female leaders. Last week, Glossier co-founder Emily Weiss relinquished the role of CEO of the beauty brand that had risen in value to $1.8 billion. This week, Meta COO and adult resident of the room Sheryl Sandberg announced her departure from the social media giant.

So, as we look for signs of strong women growing companies and getting a promotion, here’s the biggest event of the week: Rachel Carlson, who made Forbes Below 30 lists in 2017, her company Guild Education drove a $4.4 billion valuation after raising $175 million, led by Wellington Management and others including Oprah Winfrey (!). Since Carlson owns approximately 14% of the company, we estimate her net worth at $570 million, solidifying her position in the Forbes List of self-taught women.

The union earns money from companies, such as Walmart, Chipotle and Disney, that pay to enroll their workers in higher education programs — advance their employees on a personal and professional level, and grow employee loyalty along the way. “We just got to that huge inflection point where the market — and not just innovative companies, every company — is saying we have to do it,” says Carlson. Forbes, referring to investment in reshaping workers’ skills and education benefits. “For the next two decades, America does not have enough skilled workers.”

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Money movements this week

After visiting his friend’s adorable apartment, Seungjae Lee started to interior design platform It’s called oHouse. Now, the 34-year-old, $1.6 billion platform can be purchased with $261 million in funding, making it the best lifestyle app in Korea. (Forbes)

Do we really need to investigate everything Elon Musk writes on Twitter? Says the journalist in me, perhaps; The netizen in me says, Please no. Having said that: this is a good listen to the good and the actual reality of investing in ESG next Musk called ESG a “scam.” (The Wall Street Journal)

No matter how you answered the question about his tweets, you should know it Mask’s younger sister who runs a streaming service to adapt exciting fan stories and romance novels to the small screen. (The New York Times)

The youth fascination continues (and yes, I’m the big perpetrator). This time it’s Kim kardashian She says she’ll eat poo to look younger as she launches her new skincare line. (The New York Times)

Scams continue to plague Web3: a former senior official OpenSea employee He has been accused of fraud over what prosecutors say is insider trading of NFTs. (Forbes)

We talked about it last week Alexander Wang, who became a billionaire at the age of twenty-five. This week my colleague spoke with Giuseppe Crepawho became a billionaire at 87. (Forbes)

Health Tech Unicorn carbon health 250 employees laid off. Erin Paley, CEO of Under 30, cites the “macro environment with more volatile capital markets” as a reason to shift the focus from growth to profitability, and employee cuts. (Forbes)

need to lay off people yourself? Here’s how to do it gracefully. (luck)

A writer approaching the age of thirty in a period of somewhat confused, somewhat surprising, entire millennials Taylor Swift dance party. (Fox)

Six of the nine bloodiest mass shootings in the United States occurred in the past four years Armed men aged 21 or younger. Below is an overview of the relationship between youth and mass shootings. (The New York Times)

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