Only among friends Share a shipment Tips for families to save money amid the rising cost of living

Only among friends Share a shipment Tips for families to save money amid the rising cost of living

The baby and maternity pop-up consignment franchise provides a resource for families looking to save

Tulsa, Okla.And the 4 June 2022 /PRNewswire/- only among friendsAnd the North Amarica The largest and largest community marketplace Pop-up Consignment for Babies and Maternity, committed to providing a resource for families to help make the keys to saving money this summer. With costs of living, inflation, gas and travel expenses reaching unprecedented levels, the Consignment franchise prioritizes helping families save.

Just Between Friends franchisees provide a local resource when they host their sales twice a year, and this past season has proven a success for the company, with more than 20% year-over-year sales increase in top-line revenue in addition to the recent closing of a more than $750,000 sale deal. – One of the highest earnings in the history of the brand. This success of a national, family-centric brand speaks to the overwhelming need for parents to provide as much as possible for their families as the economy continues to face challenges.

With no end in sight to record inflation, Just Between Friends aims to help families get through these tough times with budget-friendly tips that can help reduce some of the burden parents face.

Just among friends’ top money-saving tips:

  • Resale Store + Consignment: We live in turbulent times with prices fluctuating every day, but babies and children still need basic items. Consignment shopping will help you avoid paying exorbitant price and shipping rates by gently buying used clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Saving money with these types of items leaves room to spend more on things like groceries, bills, and more.

  • Gently sell lovable items: Not only can parents save money by buying merchandise, but they can make money by selling gently used items. Consignment markets will take a variety of gently used items that also serve as a way to recycle items for your rapidly growing kids rather than throw them away. Create an account and sign up to sell today at As we prepare for fall sales, Just Between Friends needs a product!

  • Reduce energy use at home: One of the biggest areas of spending goes towards housing costs Including water and electricity bills. Simple actions like turning off the light and water switches or adjusting the thermostat can go a long way. Parents can also remind their kids to turn off the TV or game consoles when they’re done.

  • Consider reusable items: Constant purchasing of single-use products can seriously hurt your budget. Instead, look for products you can reuse like mineral water bottles, cloth wipes, beeswax wraps, and even nappies. But you don’t always have to buy reusable items – odds are you have items like empty jars that can be reused in a variety of ways.

  • Emphasizing experiences versus thingsChildren go through stages and their interests can change for a dime. Instead of investing in new toys that will have a short shelf life, put value on experiences you can do together as a family like a movie night or trips to the beach. Not only do the experiences last a lifetime, but they can cost a lot less than an endless basket of plastic toys that will eventually be discarded. Also, remember, because the playing life is so short, you can save a lot of your next boost with gently used purchases.

“It is no secret that we live in unprecedented economic times,” he said. Shannon Wellborn, CEO and Co-founder of Just Between Friends. “Families are no longer just trying to save money for travel and activities, they are trying to save on the necessities their kids and toddlers need. Just Between Friends provides a resource during the spring and fall sale seasons, but this extends far beyond just our brand – we’re here to help our communities nationally as well. We hope that we can continue to be a resource for families year-round.”

At Just Between Friends Sale, parents and grandparents can shop rows and rows of baby shoes and toys, clothing, maternity, and baby gear at 50-90% off retail prices, and as a sender, they can sell items and earn 60 – 70% on item sales. At the end of every Just Between Friends sale, items are donated to local organizations that help local women, children, and families, serving groups that provide wardrobes, crisis centers, transitional emergency care, food banks, and many other services.

“As a mother and grandmother, it is very important to know what resources are available to help mitigate the challenges that parents face now,” Wellborn continued. “As a professional at the helm of a national baby and maternity supply franchise, sharing money-saving tips perfectly aligns with our goal of providing parents with a resource that helps them get the things their kids need and want without breaking the bank.”

Looking for remaining spring sales over here And start looking ahead as back-to-school schedules are published.

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Just about between friends

Only Between Friends (JBF) is North Amarica The largest and largest community marketplace for baby and maternity pop-up shipments and the only franchise in the sector to employ a leading expert in safety and recall. Just Between Friends provides a resource for families who shop or sell items for a variety of reasons—from saving money on a tight budget to family trips—as well as providing a sustainable resource in the consignment sale space. What started as a sale between a few mom friends, including CEO and co-founder Shannon Wellborn In 1997, it had grown into a national phenomenon with more than 150 franchises in 32 states.



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