How to make money on Fiverr and build a million dollar freelance business

How to make money on Fiverr and build a million dollar freelance business

  • Levi Newman joined Fiverr in 2014 hoping to start hustling the copywriting side.
  • He booked over $1.2 million in revenue for life and took up the job full time.
  • Here’s how Newman built his business and found a niche with Amazon item descriptions.

Eight years ago, Levi Newman wanted to turn his writing skills into a business. Join Fiverr, a freelance services marketplace, and use his expertise in marketing and social media to write compelling descriptions for Amazon sellers.

“I started off as freelancer on a whim, and it’s grown exponentially every year,” he told Insider.

Newman writes descriptions of consumer-oriented products and direct business-to-business services. Newman is one of over 800,000 service sellers on Fiverr. His success coincides with a growing self-employed workforce that is growing throughout the pandemic.

Documents verified by Insider show that Newman has written more than 13,000 unique descriptions of the item and has generated more than $1.2 million in revenue to date. Every year, the house takes about 150 thousand dollars. Furthermore, it has been listed as one of the “Top Rated” Fiverr members and has a five star rating.

Here’s how Newman benefited from the freelance workforce and how his operation earned him more than $1 million.

Find a platform that manages logistics

When Newman joined Fiverr in 2014, he started with $5 small jobs, and made about $100 some days as a side hustle. After a few years of building this to a few hundred dollars a week, he took hustle to his side full time.

Newman exclusively uses Fiverr and said the platform is the reason he’s able to build such a sustainable business without overworking himself.

“I have three children,” he said. “I love to travel. I love spending time with my wife.” It is easy to create a profile, he said, as the platform connects him with customers and advertises his services. This way, all he has to do is work.

“That’s the biggest benefit,” Newman said. “You don’t have to worry about the rest.”

The process begins with collaboration

Through Fiverr, customers can contact Newman from anywhere, anytime. Providing services to international clients is great for expanding their business, but it can come with some difficulties, such as bypassing time differences and sometimes language barriers.

In his initial customer outreach call, Neumann sets out project deadlines and how to market the item. Next, he meets customers through Fiverr’s messaging service to better understand the product they are trying to sell. Next, he shares with you how they’ll best meet their sales goals. He said this includes overall SEO planning and keyword usage, two success points that other copywriters should keep in mind.

Newman then uses these conversations to come up with a concept for the end product.

“Some people have no idea, but they are very excited, and some people know all the details,” he said of the requests he received. “It’s easy to fill in the gaps they need.”

Levi Neumann extensively researches the niche of a product before crafting a description

Levi Newman extensively researches the niche of a product before crafting a description.

Levi Newman

Newman searches for his whereabouts

Neumann extensively researches his clients’ demands, including product market, industry trends, and client demographics.

“I read and read and read more before I write anything so that what I write translates correctly to the target audience,” he wrote in a follow-up email. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a lot of different projects, so previous experience helps a lot.”

Then he shares the final description with the client. Reviews are allowed for up to four days after the job is completed to ensure nothing is missed. Sometimes a customer doesn’t like the end result, which is typical of any service-based business, he said. If he receives a complaint, he will explain why he chose the specific wording, framing or keywords based on his expert knowledge, and then hear the customer about his dissatisfaction.

In addition, he avoids using commercial terms in his descriptions so that consumers can better understand and communicate with the product. “I really loved writing about connecting business with people in a positive way,” Newman said.

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