How to get started with Twitch Ads Incentive Program

How to get started with Twitch Ads Incentive Program

Nowadays, content creation is not just about fun and games. For many, it provides an additional source of income. Therefore, online platforms provide more opportunities for creators to monetize their content.

Twitch’s Ads Incentive Program (AIP) is one such opportunity, but what is it all about? Keep reading to learn more about Twitch’s AIP and how you can get started.

What is Twitch Ads Incentive Program?

AIP from Twitch helps creators get paid for ads running on their streams through an ad revenue sharing model. The more hours you broadcast each month, the more money you will make in the future. It is an additional income earning opportunity for Twitch users.

Already qualified broadcast creators can earn money with Ads Manager – AIP works differently from it and complements this income. They can also earn money through subscriptions. Curious about how subscriptions work? Read our guide to learn all there is to know about Twitch subscriptions.

How does Twitch AIP work?

Twitch’s AIP works a little differently than other incentive programs. Twitch sends out monthly offers to eligible live streaming companies to show them how much they can offer, motivating them to achieve their goals. If live streamers achieve their goal of streaming hours that month and achieve a certain “ad density” from their streams, they receive the pre-determined payout.

Broadcasters receive 55% of net ad revenue for each ad shown on their broadcast groups for the month. The idea is that Ads Manager handles your ads for you instead of doing it yourself. No two shows are the same because no two creators are alike. Twitch sends you shows based on multiple factors – including your public profile, the size of your audience, and the number of hours you’ve streamed in the past.

For example, if you had an average of 20 hours of broadcasting in the last month, your new show will require roughly the same amount of hours for that month. Since this is the case, your offers will change as your profile and audience change, such as when you get more subscribers. Read these tips for building a larger audience on Twitch.

This means that your bid may be lower or higher, depending on the factors mentioned. You will continue to earn advertising income as usual – you don’t have to choose between AIP and running ads through Ads Manager. Just remember to set Ads Manager to at least three minutes per hour to use the same 55% share revenue model.

If you subscribe to a show, and you can’t reach the required number of airtime hours, you can unsubscribe that month and get new shows the following month if you get them. If you cancel the subscription, you will earn a pro-rata amount based on the portion of the offer you completed.

Who is Eligible to Join Twitch AIP?

Twitch partners can join AIP. If you meet the requirements, you can apply to become a Twitch partner. But before you do that, make sure you grow your audience and follow the Twitch Community Guidelines.

There are many ways to become the best live streamer, and here are the best tips for making it big on Twitch.

How to get started with Twitch AIP

No option to apply to join Twitch AIP – Twitch sends you monthly offers if you qualify, and you have to sign up. To qualify for a show, be sure to stream regularly. This will help you to earn a stable monthly income.

To get started, go to Creator control panel > Advertising Director. If you have an advertising incentive offer, you will see the image below on your screen. Click on Advertising Incentive Program: Offer Available banner at the top.

If you have offers available, they will appear on the screen. Accept the offer you want to accept. This is it. All you have to do is broadcast the hours you have agreed to. Ads Manager will take care of everything for you, and update to Offer completed When you have registered your hours.

Earn steady income on Twitch

The goal of many content creators is to earn a steady income through their platforms. Twitch’s AIP makes that possible. As long as you keep streaming, you’ll get offers through AIP.

And the more you stream and your audience grows, the more money you’ll make through the program – in addition to the income you’re already earning through Ads Manager. So, focus on growing your profile if you want to become a highly paid streaming player on Twitch.

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