How to earn money fast

How to earn money fast

the first watch dogs It generated a lot of hype prior to release, only for Ubisoft to cut back when it came to graphics and deliver an experience that was mediocre at best. However, Ubisoft decided to learn from its mistakes, and changed the tone Watch dogs 2A story to fit the environment more.

The result was a great match that the fans could easily have fun with. with the release of Watch dogs 2 On Xbox Game Pass, fans will obviously have a great time blasting through the streets of San Francisco and hacking everything in sight. Players who want to buy everything that is possible in the game should check out the best ways to make all this possible.

7 Hacking everyone’s bank account

The simplest and most direct way to make money is Hack each pedestrian’s bank account. Some people are bound to have more money than others, which is hinted at in their profiles.

Players need to be patient while doing these heists since it can take a long time to accumulate enough money to purchase most of the items in the game. If players get bored of hacking people’s accounts again and again, there are other ways to earn a lot of money.

6 Visit the pawn shop frequently

The Pawn Shop is a place where players can sell any unwanted item, usually for a good chunk of money. If players have a lot of spare items and valuables in their inventory, they should definitely visit the pawn shop sooner rather than later.

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Players can also Robbed this pawn shop To get some cash, although this could lead to many complicated ramifications in the future. It is better to maintain a good reputation and use these stores to make some quick money on the side.

5 Complete SF Driver Missions

Driver SF missions are a very unique part of Watch dogs 2 Which essentially turned Marcus into a glorified Uber driver. Players need Taking their passengers to specific locations within a certain period of time To get the highest rating possible.

Players must choose a fast car ideally to save time. A full 5-star rating earns the most money for the player, so they should try to drive within a certain speed limit while avoiding unpleasant accidents.

4 Storming armored trucks

Patch 1.13 for Watch dogs 2 Added a new random event that spawned a loaded armored truck into the world that players could steal. Engaging in this impromptu heist can be rewarding if players can achieve this heist with flying colors.

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Players need to take down the armored truck escort, loot the truck, and escape from the police to get this compensation. Failure in any of these steps will essentially result in wasted efforts on the player’s end.

3 Find the bags of money

many places in Watch dogs 2 You have Random bags of money lying around. Players who comb every corner of this huge map will find a lot of these bags of cash, which leads to a huge payout.

These money bags are also found in the hideouts of the different gangs present in the game. The combination of scouring the map and clearing these gangster hideouts will cause players to amass a decent amount of cash in a short period of time.

2 Take part in the races

San Francisco World has many activities that players can participate in Watch dogs 2. These include the various races that Marcus can participate in for a decent amount of money.

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Players need to complete these races as soon as possible to earn the highest return. These races include a range of vehicles that players need to get used to, such as cars, motorcycles, and boats to name a few.

1 Exploit a trick in the “eye for an eye” mission

If players do not want to make money through legitimate means, there is a loophole they can use to make as much money as possible in a relatively short period of time. After all, legitimate ways to earn money in the game can make players wait a long time before they can buy some meaningful upgrades.

In the “Eye for an Eye” mission, players will be tasked with hacking into the bank account of a man named Pablo Cortes to earn a total of $18,000. This is where the exploitation begins – players need it Checkpoint quickly reloads after performing this hack. This will cause the man to continue to have money in his account while Marcus’ balance shows the $18,000 he stole before. Repeat this tactic as often as possible to get a lot of money and buy all the advanced equipment and equipment in the game.

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