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Holland’s best robin receives an angry email from the mother of her son who was angered by a loss during a Smash Ultimate session

WendellMad Ice King“Rebel is widely considered to be the best Robin user for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the Netherlands. Despite being a character generally seen as middle class by most gamers, the Mad Ice King seems to really believe in Robin. Whether he is offline Online in tournaments or online in Battle Arenas, this is a player known to constantly destroy opponents until they are forced to surrender (usually by the host kicking the Mad Ice King in Battle Arenas).

However, some players don’t seem to know when to quit. Earlier this week, the Mad Ice King received an angry email about a certain player’s experience against him during an online session. What is particularly interesting about this email is that it did not come from the opponent, but rather from the opponent’s mother.

Although the email was originally written in Dutch (the official language of the Netherlands), Mad Ice King was kind enough to provide a rough translation of what was written to him. The email started normally enough that it was addressed to “Sir, Mad Ice King”.

“My oldest son was playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on his Switch around 11pm and wanted to sleep at a decent time as he had to work early the next morning.”

When I went to bed he was still in his room yelling ‘Mario Cancer! Cancer Robin! I hope you all die soon! “

This indicates that the player we talked about in the email was having a particular difficulty getting the best of Mad Ice King. The next line confirmed that the player could not play a single match.

“I told him to calm down and it was time for bed. He replied he would when he won at least once. It didn’t.”

“That’s why I wrote you this angry mail because I couldn’t sleep because of him and because of the controllers that were thrown across his room.”

Unfortunately for the mother’s son, it seemed that drastic measures had to be taken to forcibly end this session.

“He was so aggressive I had to cut off the internet until he calmed down.”

However, it seems that the son did not take this very well. Even though this was all written, you feel the passive-aggressive tone from the mother based on what is said at the end.

“After a lot of crying, he went to bed. I hope it won’t happen again.”

It really looks like the Mad Ice King is to blame for this situation. Although this is not said explicitly, the last line gives the impression that the Mad Ice King probably should have let his opponent win. Or maybe the Mad Ice King should have been the one to end the session between the players.

According to Mad Ice King, he responded to the email by saying that this behavior was not his responsibility, and then suggested the mother look elsewhere for a solution to the son’s anger issues.

The funny thing about all of this is that Mad Ice King himself doesn’t even know who the player is in this case. As mentioned earlier, Mad Ice King has a history of invading Battle Arenas where he beats everyone constantly until the host gets tired of him before he kicks him out of the lobby.

Needless to say, this inspired the creation of a particular meme (as seen above). People familiar with the Batman Beyond series should recognize this scene that happened between Terry (as Batman) and Blight.

At some point, this player’s mother must have seen who the son was playing against and registered the Mad Ice King username. From there, you may have searched for him and found his contact information on Twitter or his YouTube profile.

As a content creator, Mad Ice King also spends a lot of time creating YouTube guides that focus on every aspect of Robin’s kit at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These guides are actually incredibly detailed and are well worth checking out. Who do you know? By learning Robin through this evidence, it may be possible to get a response like this from someone.

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