Fans Claim Sega for #DelaySonicFrontiers After Revealing 'Soulless' Gameplay

Fans Claim Sega for #DelaySonicFrontiers After Revealing ‘Soulless’ Gameplay

The hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers was trending after the game’s first reveal.

It was first revealed at the end of last year, and fans have been desperate to see Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay ever since. Two videos, exclusive to IGN, have now been released, showing off the game’s open-world design and battles.

But fans so far unhappy with the game’s direction – just as with Sonic’s reimagining of the movie series – are calling for a delay.

The first video shows traversing the open world, as Sonic speeds across a green island, climbs monoliths, and solves puzzles. The second video focuses on combat as Sonic spins jump and hits robotic enemies in flashy animations.

Sure, the wide open areas allow Sonic to pick up some speed, running through water and walls, but it’s strange to see a blue hedgehog running around such a realistic world – even though that’s exactly what the movies run. The world also seems a bit empty, at least in this slide of the shots.

However, fans online reacted so badly with many calling for a delay.

The most popular interests include rigorous animation, lack of momentum, and a world unlike Sonic without hills, loops, and cliffs.

A number of comments also claim that the game looks like an unreal fan-made tech demo.

“You can’t convince me this isn’t a glorified tech show. It’s soulless,” he reads in a caption to the fight video.

Another reads: “The thing that really stands out to me about this show is the easy animation.” “Sonic looks very ruthless and unnatural. He is especially evident while running around enemies, he stares forward soulless as if nothing had happened. Making Sonic appear more fluid and interactive with his surroundings will definitely give this game more charm.”

On Twitter, sentiment was very negative.

The hype is a testament to the passion of the Sonic fan base – and its strength in recreating the film’s character – as well as years of disappointing 3D Sonic games. Many fans had hoped that Sonic Frontiers would be the next-generation Sonic experience.

However, Svend Joscelyne, founder of fan site Sonic Stadium and director of global publishing at IGN, believes the game won’t be delayed.

He wrote on Twitter: “#DelaySonicFrontiers won’t work, for me the main concern is about its entire concept and approach to gameplay; delays to kill bugs and add content won’t address that.”

On the topic, he still admitted “It’s not just the Sonic game I wish it was in 2022.”

You can watch the gameplay videos for yourself below. The game is still ready for release later this year across all consoles and PCs.

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