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Even after losing $10,000, a crypto trader found a gem in the crypto space, and never left it

Are you ready to part with all your money? Are you ready to lose it all? This is what an expert crypto trader known simply as Ademi is asking for anyone who wants to make money from crypto. Even after losing $10,000, she is still holding on to cryptocurrency trading as a career.

Ademi decided to forge a career out of cryptocurrency trading and NFTs when she realized how efficient cryptocurrencies are for cross-border transactions.

My interactions with expert cryptocurrency traders revealed that most of them started trading because they believed strongly in technology, which made searching for the best ways to make money easier.

And their journeys seldom began with a desire to earn money; They often gave in to their curiosity and desire to understand what made them more efficient, their drawbacks, how they worked, and their techniques.

Ademi was interested five years ago, in 2017, when a friend suggested that cryptocurrencies have a payment option that is instant and crosses borders quickly. I marveled at the possibilities and became curious about cryptocurrencies. That was the beginning of the journey.

While cryptocurrency traders may flaunt their fortunes on social media, the journey to becoming an expert is long and unpleasant. But nothing could deter Ademi as she set out to make some money from cryptocurrency and turn it into a career.

Starting with the 2017 bull market

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The cryptocurrency bull market is the time when the value of crypto assets continues to rise. It’s a time when cryptocurrency investors and traders are always in the green, and the media stumbles upon all-time highs and mind-boggling market values.

When most people decide to invest in cryptocurrency to get a part of the action. However, it is the bear market – what comes at the end of a bull market – that separates the novices from the experts.

The 2017 bull run was huge. For context, the value of Bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency, rose from $900 to nearly $20,000 between May and December. However, once Bitcoin reached the $20,000 spotlight, it was followed by a 30% drop that bloodied the entire crypto market.

By 2018, bitcoin had fallen 80% from its all-time high in 2017, reaching $3,500. While it might sound overly dramatic to call it a disaster, it’s a benign way to put it in the eyes of investors who have had to watch their investments bleed.

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Like most beginners, Ademi found the 2017 bull run attractive and saw an opportunity to capitalize on it, not knowing that one of the worst bear markets ever was just around the corner.

She lost money in an unforgiving bear market but has already learned how to trade futures, a way to make money even when the cryptocurrency charts are crimson red.

Futures trading is not a hack to make money when the market is in a downtrend; It is much more difficult than normal trading.

It is a way to invest in an asset by betting on its future price. It’s more complicated than it sounds, but that’s the idea. Ademi was a quick learner, and while the cryptocurrency crash of 2018 caused her to hit a record for quite some time, futures trading helped her capitalize on the crash.

Getting around the effect of cryptocurrencies

Ademi is not limited to making money by speculating on the direction that crypto assets will take; They also make money by influencing people’s choices about the exchange they use and even the assets they invest in.

She entered early and spent a lot of time understanding the space, which has helped her build a following over time. When she was an undergraduate in 2017, Ademi was already learning the ropes of crypto, and once she graduated, she landed a job at the crypto exchange Quidax.

“I organized mostly training for people on how to trade cryptocurrencies. I eventually got a job with Quidax.”

When you can learn all there is to know about cryptocurrency trading as quickly as you can like Ademi, nine to five doesn’t seem like an exciting option. After a few months, she left Quidax to be a full-time cryptocurrency trader.

“I decided to be on my own shortly after trading, and it seemed to work for me. I actually did; 2019 was a good year. I also worked with people I met on Twitter.”

Talking about cryptocurrencies and sharing trading tips on Twitter, Ademi gradually became an influencer, and was about to start reaping the rewards.

She always did most of her trades on BitMex, but it wasn’t perfect enough, which made her and some other users lose money. Either the price changes were not reversed early enough or the platform suffered from system overload.

It’s time for a change, and Ademi has been introduced to Bybit. Like BitMex, Bybit offered futures trading, a feature not many exchanges had at the time. After realizing how good Bybit was, Ademi recommended it to her community, and this is where she started making money for influencers.

“Because I was early on, I got a lot of people to sign up using my referral link. In addition to the earnings from cryptocurrency trading, I was also able to get income from referrals that I wasn’t really expecting, to be honest.”

By the end of 2019, Bitcoin was trading around $7,200, and Ademi earned 2 Bitcoins from all of her referrals. Looking at the profits from trading, 2019 was really a good year.

NFT Holy Grail

Trading and influencing cryptocurrencies has been going well for Ademi, but the crypto space is constantly evolving and keeping up with trends can bring in a lot of money.

NFTs were the new trends, and Ademi wouldn’t be left out. As usual, she didn’t jump right away; I noticed, learned and decided to swim in the NFT pool last year, and that was when things got fun.

Trading NFTs started off beautifully, with the first NFTs coming from the Cool Cats range. This 2D anthropomorphic cat kit is now priced at 3.4 Eth, which is approximately $12,000.

Ademi got in early, and made a 100% profit on her investment in Cool Cats, which is a pretty great start to NFT trading.

In the game of crypto, you quickly learn that things will not always be rosy, regardless of whether you are trading NFT or trading futures.

Ademi was about to find out the hard way; Aside from Cool Cats, she has bought another venture that has brought her more good fortunes, and NFTs seem to be the next best thing.

She decided to get big on NFTs and bought a set for $10,000. The group had good hype, the kind that can lead to very high gains, but even in crypto, as with most things, not all that glitters is gold.

Adeymi watched her $10,000 cash drop to nearly $0.

While $10,000 is a lot of money, she was not affected by the loss. Some people might decide to call it an end with all things crypto at this point, but for Ademi, it was just another day in the crypto space.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to this point before. Because at the end of the day, crypto has brought me here. I started with literally nothing, in fact, crypto has brought me here. So I don’t think I’ve reached the point where I’d be like, ‘No more’ Cryptocurrency for me.

Coding as a full-time job

After Ademi’s short stint at Quidax, she didn’t get another job because the cryptocurrency paid the bills despite her $10,000 loss. She had already found something she was good at, and it wasn’t necessary to chase nine to five.

Most importantly, Ademi’s crypto career has gone beyond just trading, technical analysis, and staring at charts.

In addition to teaching and being an influencer, Ademi has a knack for managing and managing crypto projects. She knows about marketing tactics, what projects she’s doing wrong, and which projects are likely to succeed or fail.

Cryptocurrency trading has been touted as the biggest, if not the only, opportunity that has come with the advent of cryptocurrencies, but according to Ademi, there are many ways to earn life-changing money with crypto.

For her, the coding space has turned into an industry of its own, creating entirely new opportunities for people in different fields such as design, web development, engineering, marketing, and content creation.

This is why Ademi is still a big believer in the crypto space, and even when the market decides to bleed for months on end, crypto brought it here, and crypto will keep it here.

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