Artist Discovery Platform Music Crowns Partners With The Road To Nashville - Liverpool International Song Contest

Artist Discovery Platform Music Crowns Partner with Roa…

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The Road to Nashville’s 2022 partners now include Music Crowns.

Daniel Zander, Member of the Board of Trustees and Head of Music Operations at TUFF

Ade Smith & Sam Gilbert (Founders of Music Crowns)

NASHVILLE, TN, US, August 1, 2022 / – Music Crowns (MC), the global music artist discovery platform, is collaborating with the Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) on an international music project promoting mental health, The Road to Nashville – Liverpool International Song Contest. Music Crowns, the global leader in promoting the hottest emerging talent, has had more than 96 million shares on its content this year.

Since launching on May 9, more than 5,900 artists have submitted over 6,400 songs representing talent from 28 countries. Of those who submitted a song, 14% applied for free mental health services and professional counseling. 839 extraordinarily amazing lives have been changed so far. Submissions will remain open until August 31 and creators can find the submission link by visiting.

Music Crowns will provide their platform to broadcast the competition’s final performance live from the popular rock club Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee across their multiple platforms. In addition, MC will also present the top 10 finalists on their social channels.

“I am thrilled to bring the Music Crowns into the fold with TUFF and the ‘The Road To Nashville’ initiative. We’re overwhelmed by artists looking for opportunities like this, and the fact that it combines the very mainstream theme of tackling mental health with a passion for songwriting made us put our name on it. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t think of two better cities in the world to have this beautiful partnership of Liverpool and Nashville. The fact that all the artists who enter get access to mental health and counseling services made it a very easy decision to join and we look forward to seeing all the posts!” he says. Sam Gilbert, founder of Music Crowns.

“In today’s music industry, online promotion is a key factor for an artist’s success. You can have a worthy record, an incredible voice and a full stage presence in the world, but if people don’t know about you, what is it really worth? Enter Music Crowns.” With over 96 million entries in the past six months, Music Crowns is a strong hub for online promotion, and we’re really excited to have them join us to support the finalists,” says Daniel Zander, Guardian and Head of Music Operations at TUFF.

Music Crowns is a UK-based, award-winning global artist discovery platform for newly signed, unsigned and independent music artists. Show by MC has boosted international performances and chart success to audiences around the world for its list of talented artists.

To learn more about Music Crowns, visit the following:
Twitter: @MusicCrowns

About the Liverpool International Song Contest
Last year, Liverpool City Council played a role in supporting the international song of kindness created by the charity TUFF (The Unity of Faiths Foundation) to support their broader goals of empowering young people and promoting acceptance, equality and respect for other cultures. The Liverpool International Song Contest is a vehicle used to tackle discrimination and stigma of mental illness, providing support to those most in need and developing a dedicated mental health service infrastructure tailored to those in the creative sector. Entrants to the Liverpool International Song Contest 2020/21 have been invited to attend one of 23 workshops across the Liverpool City area, presented by the TUFFs Music Department led by TUFFs founders Anna Pryor, Dr. Based in Liverpool, BSc MSc (Head of Music at TUFFs). These workshops provided education in music, production, and human values. In addition, they provided mental health education and one-on-one counseling with mental health practitioners. In addition to the thousands who attended the in-person workshops, TUFF also offered an online version of the syllabus for those unable to attend due to medical reasons, covid-19 and/or mental health disorders such as social anxiety and depression. This online digital format provides people with the same opportunities and one-on-one counseling, delivered in a way that best suits their needs.

The connection with Liverpool arose because TUFF developed the global #KIND20 campaign as a means of demonstrating and promoting social integration. The campaign reached 6.7 million people worldwide. After talks with The Cavern and other organizations in Liverpool, they came up with the idea for an International Song Contest to celebrate John Lennon’s 80th birthday. Kevin McManus, President of UNESCO City of Music, participated on behalf of the city and attended the final event at The Cavern in October 2021. The songs were judged by an impressive panel of industry personalities (including Adele’s agent and respected musician/songwriter Andrew Roachford MBE who had a number of hit songs with his band Roachford) who all attended the event in Liverpool. The inaugural competition received more than 20,000 songs from 28 countries with more than 600 selections to participate in mental health services. The first prize for the inaugural competition went to James Holt for his song “Make My Day”. To view the ITV newsfeed on James and his performance at the Cave Club, click here.

About TUFF
The Unity of Faiths Foundation (TUFF) is a British secular charitable organization operating on four continents. TUFF works to build bridges between sectors of society, organizations and government by rebuilding the social integration and cohesion of the global community. TUFF also empowers young people through participation in sports, music and science. Teaching education on human values, acceptance of integration, individual freedom, gender equality, understanding, respect for other cultures, rule of law and democracy. TUFF was founded in 2011 and has the support and appreciation of many distinguished personalities including His Highness Pope Francis, Her Majesty the Queen and President Barack Obama to name a few. The ultimate goal is to share kindness and facilitate the inclusion and empowerment of those people who do not have a voice, due to the many challenges and obstacles they face in their daily lives.

To learn more or donate to TUFF, visit: .

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