8 Technological Side Struggles for Skilled Africans

8 Technological Side Struggles for Skilled Africans

According to Skill Crush, web development is profitable and a future entry point in technology. It’s a quick way to make money in the tech industry with creative projects outside of normal working hours. While many companies require developer services, creative Africans with website development skills can generate passive income building websites.

So, whether you are in Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana or Kenya, think of profitable web development as a side business. Moreover, you can monetize by offering freelance web development services on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, etc.

According to Web Designer Depot, working in the field of web design is lucrative and a great side activity for any skilled professional. With many companies hiring website developers, skilled Africans can earn a decent income from designing websites. If you can create a reasonable website layout and are proficient in using image editing tools and creating mockups, then this side hustle idea is for you.

Skilled African professionals can combine development and design skills to earn extra money in the technology industry. Besides, you can earn money by offering freelance work services and selling web design courses online.

According to SEO North, search engine optimization consulting is profitable, especially with the critical role of the internet in every aspect of life. Search engine optimization is a skilled technical discipline that Africans can learn and earn money as consultants.

The idea is to research keywords, analyze site traffic and trends, and improve websites with the available information. If you can improve website rankings using search engines like Google and Yahoo, then this rant is for you. Besides, proficiency in Google Analytics, Webtrends and NetInsight simplifies the process, making it ideal for Africans.

According to Smart Blogger, Copywriting is an oil money transfer company because it is an ideal way to make money by selling products and services to potential clients. Copywriters make a great living in the writing industry as the role includes facilitating sales and revenue in a commercial enterprise.

If you can research keywords, write engaging text and review it for advertising purposes, consider copywriting as a passive income idea. You can earn money by producing coherent and exciting texts for different ad channels. Besides, collaborating with companies and offering freelance work services is a quick way to generate income through copywriting.

According to The Balance Small Business, social media management is profitable, but the profits depend on the demographics and size of the platform. Social media management is a multi-million dollar industry with endless opportunities to make money, and Africans can benefit.

This side hustle idea is for Africans who can oversee the company’s general interactions and implement social strategies for business growth. Skilled Africans can earn a decent living by planning digital campaigns for the online community and identifying customer interaction trends. Moreover, you can make money by analyzing participation data without national barriers.

According to TechRepublic, starting a tech support career is lucrative and fulfilling, with endless opportunities to earn money. Skilled Africans can generate passive income by analyzing and solving technical problems. This hustle idea is right for you if you can identify hardware and software solutions and diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues.

You can make money off your extra time by solving network problems, installing and configuring hardware and software, and engaging customers in finding a solution to problems. Besides, a technical support career can be achieved for anyone regardless of their level of experience.

According to Indeed, a video editing career is lucrative with innovative concepts and opportunities always on the horizon. Video editing is a profitable technical side activity for passionate professionals with an attention to detail. If you can put together raw footage, transfer files or upload them to a computer, consider a video editing career.

Skilled Africans can generate passive income through video editing by following a chart or text and inputting audio and graphics to enhance the shots. Besides, you can earn a decent income as a freelance video editor.

According to Careerist, quality assurance testing is one of the happiest and most lucrative jobs in the tech industry. Skilled Africans can earn a decent side income by running a series of automated tests to check code and software for errors.

QA testing is a profitable side idea if you have coding experience and can implement test cases under different conditions. Africans can make money by troubleshooting, developing testing procedures, and developing a script.

Skilled Africans can make money in the tech industry with web development, web design, and SEO consulting. Also, you can earn money with copywriting, social media management, technical support, QA testing and video editing skills.

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