5 Reasons Why Video Games Have Ads

5 Reasons Why Video Games Have Ads

Whether it’s an annoying popup or strategic product placement, advertising in video games is becoming increasingly popular. While some ads may go unnoticed, others can be blatantly obvious – and maybe a little annoying – and leave you wondering why the developer included them in the first place.

In this article, you can read about some of the reasons why video games contain ads.

The promotion of business or products is ultimately one of the main purposes of advertisements. If you see ads in a video game, the game developer has customers, partners, or sponsors that they like.

Some of the ways that ads may appear in games are:

  • Banners, videos, and pop-ups.
  • In-game billboards and banners with real brands.
  • Interactions with real products.
  • The developer has based the game on a brand or product.

For example, EA Sports has a partnership with the NHL. EA not only has to consider the Hockey League but also its teams, highlight some of the star players, and feature popular equipment brands.

You’ll also notice that it includes real ads on the side panels, which gives it an authentic feel.

Partnerships are win-win because hockey fans enjoy playing EA with their favorite teams and familiar hockey stars. The game may also spark interest for young players who may become fans of the NHL or the sport.

Make a video today

Video game crossovers are an excellent way to promote other games, whether they are for the same console or not. In addition, they can sometimes give you more characters to play with or cosmetics to choose from.

An example of the same console crossover is Astro’s Playroom. As you play, you discover Easter eggs that refer to several Sony titles, including Infamous, Ratchet & Clank, and God of War.

An example of a cross mashup is Mario and Sonic competing in the Olympics in the event’s theme title. In addition, the cast of characters in Super Smash Bros. It features different characters from different developers and consoles that may inspire you to check out their games.

3. So you can play for free

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of free games is mobile games. While you don’t pay to play, someone else pays the bill.

When you see a pop-up ad or video in your game, the company pays the developer to put it up. The company may pay for each view, click, or for a specified period, but this advertising revenue allows the developer to offer the game to you for free.

With that, you can definitely find lists of free games without ads or in-app purchases.

4. To keep you playing longer

In addition to letting you play for free, ads sometimes act as a way to reward you and keep you playing for longer.

In the most literal sense, this could be watching ads to get your energy back or unlocking new levels so you can keep going.

It could also mean earning in-game currency to upgrade your character or equipment, which could be rewarding and get you back in the game.

Some games will even pair this with timed upgrade episodes or cycles that bring you back strategically back.

Another reason you might see ads in video games is because they’re trying to take you to the in-game store.

In mobile games, this usually takes the form of pop-ups, and they appear when you run out of some kind of resource, giving you more for real money.

However, this also happens with console games – for example, you reach a certain point in Destiny 2, and the game prompts you to purchase downloadable content to continue.

Not only does this keep you playing longer, but it turns you into a paying customer.

Some find this approach to gaming unfavorable and may argue that video games should be more expensive so that players can simply get a full, high-quality game from the start.

In the end, advertise the games to create another revenue stream

While there are many reasons why video games contain ads, it is all about revenue. After all, developers who make video games need to make money as well.

Sometimes that means covering the cost so the developers can offer the game for free. Other times it may be an additional amount on the purchase.

Either way, the development company needs to earn money to pay its workers, satisfy shareholders, and continue operations to bring you more titles.

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