15 small business ideas for teens who want to make money

15 small business ideas for teens who want to make money

Are you a teenager confused about how to make money? Clarity is here as you will learn about small business ideas that can make you money legitimately. Being a teenager doesn’t mean you can’t start making money.

You can earn while solving people’s problems and meeting their needs. Sometimes teens want a business in order to make an impact, meet people’s needs and sell them solutions at a price. It also gives them a sense of responsibility. You know the feeling, right? The feeling of using your money without having to rely on someone to fulfill a need, especially an urgent need.

You don’t need to wait until you’re an adult before you start getting involved with small business ideas that will not only earn you money legitimately but also teach you basic life skills that the education system won’t teach you.

What small project ideas can teens get involved in?

1. Logo Designer

You don’t need to be a talented artist who can draw to be a logo designer. Being a logo designer means that you can create logos for business projects. You can create logos for your peers who are looking to start a small business idea. You can work with family friends who want to build a brand from scratch or give their business an attractive look.

If you are interested in this idea, there are resources everywhere to help you. There is YouTube, Google and other social media where you can learn for free. You can also learn from someone you trust to teach you about the job.

There are many opportunities online, find opportunities that you can do and shoot your photo.

Remember to give him time while learning. Practice, get better at the job and start earning a lot from it.

2. Crotchet works

This is another small business idea that you can venture into. Teenagers, adults, toddlers and every other age group can have crotch clothes. You can make beanies, jackets, bucket hat, tops, skirts, gowns, bags, etc.

If you love knitting, you can make something meaningful out of your interest in it. And if you don’t know much about the job, you can learn from people who have previously worked in the field. You can also learn from YouTube and other platforms for free. Make the most of what you have; Internet.

3. Phone accessories

By speculation, 90 out of 100 people own the phone and may need accessories at any time. Someone’s phone may need a new case, charger, new earphones, battery, and power bank. You will get what they need and you will also get paid for it. You can also offer repair services on the side.

You know your friend who can’t stand seeing a scratch on his phone screen protector, you can sell the screen protector to him. You see a stranger in the audience who doesn’t have one side of his earbuds working, you can also sell them to him. Let people know what you’re doing. Stop every opportunity you get to sell yourself. In fact, create opportunities, too.

If you look closely, there are people who need the thing you sell. There are people who need your services. Just look around, observing intently, and working smart with information.

4. Sales of deodorant

Selling deodorants is a small business idea that has what it takes to sell. Society is more than ever aware of the importance of getting rid of bad body odor. No one wants to be described as someone who smells bad. So perfume oils, antiperspirants, perfumes, and body sprays have become a necessity.

Have you ever heard the popular saying, that smelling nice isn’t expensive? People are looking for that seller who sells them quality at an affordable price. Now, the question is, “Are you ready to embrace this small business idea, and be that person your customer is looking for?”

5. Selling thrift clothes

Clothes are one of the basic necessities of life. People can’t do without clothes. Therefore, it is possible to make sales.

With this small business idea, you can sell quality clothes at cheap price. The good side about it is that you can have a variety of things for sale within this category.

You can also sell some clothes that are trending every time. People like to follow trends. You can also sell accompaniments such as belts and simple accessories such as buttons.

Do a one-on-one ad or sell your clothes to people on social media.

6. Hair products

These days, people are becoming more insistent on keeping their files healthy hair and attractive. You can always sell products that will help with hair care and beautify their hair. Hair accessories can also be included.

7. Jewelry and other accessories

Another small business idea is to sell adornments like nose rings, earrings, anklets, neckties, and the like. For a start, you can study your colleagues and determine their preferences, then let them guide your choice of sales.

8. Free cards

If you know how to design or know how to make free cards, why not? People will always celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, their friends and anything else worth celebrating.

If you can’t design it, you can buy for resale or work alongside a designer.

9. Carrying bags

Handbags are a popular travel bag for many people. You can switch things up a bit and sell them to the right people. Find out which suits you best: custom-made or off-the-shelf bags. You can learn better ways to do it differently and you can also get hints from the designs you have seen around you. You can also interact with people to see what they prefer if they are willing to buy.

10. Cupcakes and biscuits

If you like baking, you can bake cupcakes and biscuits for sale. Can you see that? You are creating a small project idea of ​​your own interest.

Who doesn’t eat cake or cupcake? There are many people who love them. Find them and sell to them.

11. Cleaning

If you enjoy cleaning, you may want to consider cleaning large or small spaces, whichever suits you best. You can offer to clean a new shop to its owner for a price, you can offer to clean your friend’s dirty room for a price. You can clean your neighbors car for a price, and help with their complex on a daily or weekly basis; Whichever suits you best as a student.

12. Writing Jobs

This is a very flexible and small business idea. As you improve your writing, you can offer to help people with writing jobs you know you can handle. You can participate in writing a story. Write a copy for your employer or colleagues who are starting a business. You can be a freelancer or a slasher writer, look for opportunities online that you can handle and there it is.

13. Making shoes

You can venture into shoemaking. If you know how to make shoes, you can create a small project idea from this ability. There are people who don’t mind their feet being locally made. Locate people with special and long legs, offer to make shoes they love and offer them at a price.

14. Artwork

If you have a knack for drawing or any other artwork, by all means go ahead. Show people your work one-on-one or through social media. Make people see what you’re doing. Talk to people about what you do and receive their requests and specifications. Never stop talking about what you love to do.

15. Book rentals

Do you like reading books? Do people reach out to you to borrow it because you have great taste? You can create a business from there, no matter how little profit you may earn. For example, you can make a deal with the recipients that can be an hourly, weekly or daily deal. And if they don’t keep their share of the bargain, they’ll have to pay an extra fee.

You can also run a book club and collect subscriptions just to help fellow readers stick to the process or take the club’s activities more seriously.

Finally, you are not too young to earn. Look for a small business idea that will make money legitimately. The world is waiting to see what you have to offer.


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